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To do any controlled burning you must first obtain a burn permit.
Do this by calling the City of Lapeer Fire department at

or sign up online for a burn permit

(please note that you will be leaving the Lapeer Township website and going to the City of Lapeer's website)
Burn permits are valid through Sunday!


Not obtaining a burn permit will result in a fire run charge.

The Township of Lapeer contracts from Lapeer City for our Fire Protection.
Effective December 1, 2005 fire run costs will increase.
Please see the chart below.

Make sure that you obtain a rider on your homeowners insurance to cover this amount as you are responsible to reimburse the township for this fee if a service is provided.



Michigan Open Burning Guide


The City of Lapeer Fire and Rescue Department issues burn permits year round for open burning (including bonfires and campfires) in Lapeer Township.
Only natural vegetation (brush, grass, leaves, logs, tree limbs, firewood, yard clippings and similar items) can be burned.
Lumber or wood products such as dimensional lumber, plywood, chipboard, etc is not considered to be natural vegetation and the burning of such materials is not permitted.
Burning of any type of construction materials including PVC, siding, wiring, paint, etc is strictly prohibited by State law. Household trash (paper and similar garbage generated at a household) may be burned at one or two family dwellings only; and only in an approved container as long as it does not create a smoke or odor nuisance.
Items that are not permitted to be burned at any time include plastic, rubber, foam, textiles, electronics, chemicals, construction waste, natural vegetation from a commercial site, pallets, tires, paint, petroleum products, hazardous materials, etc.
An approved container is one constructed of metal or masonry with a metal covering device (screen) with openings no larger than 3/4". If you're not sure if an item is allowed to be burned in the open, please contact the Fire Department offices by telephone (810-664-0833) or by email at and they will assist you in the determination.
Unless restricted due to weather conditions, permits are normally valid for up to seven (7) days (Monday - Sunday). Subsequent burning without a permit is a violation of these rules. Permits may be obtained 24 hours a day online at, at, or by calling the Fire Department offices at (810) 664-0833. Permits issued by telephone must be obtained between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday except for the following dates, when the Fire Department offices are closed. PERMITS FOR THESE DATES ARE ONLY AVAILABLE USING THE ONLINE PERMITTING SYSTEM.

January 1 - New Years Day
January 16 - Martin Luther King Jr. Day
April 14 - Good Friday
May 29 - Memorial Day
July 4 - Independence Day
August 18 - Lapeer Days
September 4 - Labor Day
November 10 - Veteran's Day
November 23 & 24 - Thanksgiving
December 22 & 25 - Christmas
December 29 - New Years Eve

If you have any questions regarding burn permits, please contact the Fire Department at (810) 664-0833 or

























These can be a life saver for emergency responders to locate your home in an emergency
For purchase information contact:
Lapeer County EMS at 810-664-2927


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