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Lapeer Township Building Permits are obtained through Construction Code Authority

Zoning Board of Appeals - Scheduled meetings

At this time there are no zoning board of appeals meeting scheduled


Lapeer Township Ordinances:

Zoning Ordinance - No. 1

Junk Yard Ordinance - No. 3.1

Cost Recovery Ordinance - No. 4

Fire Protection Ordinance - No. 14.3

Neighborhood Parks Ordinance - No. 17

Land Division Ordinance - No. 20.02

Bridge Ordinance - No. 21.1

Blight - No. 28.5

Noise Ordinance - No. 31.2

Fire Code Ordinance - No. 32.3

Address Numbering Ordinance - No. 33.2

Yard Sale Ordinance - No. 22.1

Municipal Civil Infraction - No. 35.1

Rental Ordinance - No. 36.2

Peddlers Ordinance - No. 41

Farm Animals in Residential districts



Michigan Zoning Enabling Act
Michigan Planning Enabling Act

Current Zoning Board of Appeals Members:

Chairman, Margaret Tompkins
Vice Chairman, Rachel Gingell
Commissioner, Bill Blaine
Commissioner, Karen Ford
Commissioner, Kenneth Ewing
Alternate, Katherine Henry

Alternate, Bruce Smith




Lapeer Township Zoning Board of Appeals:

The Lapeer Township Zoning Board of Appeals meets on an as needed basis on Thursdays at 7:00 p.m.

Zoning Board of Appeals application

Zoning Board of Appeals fee schedule

Zoning Map

Criteria to meet for a "use" variance approval according to the Michigan Zoning Enabling Act, Act 110 of 2006
1. The property cannot reasonably be used for purposes permitted in its zoning district.
2. The circumstances giving rise to the variance request are unique to the property and not to the general conditions of the neighborhood itself.
3. The use authorized by the variance wil not alter the essential character of the area.
4. The applicant's problem is not self created.




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